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Free Magento Extension

As Magento is growing day by day and new release are also coming.So thought To build Own Magento Custom Extension which will help others to be more Flexible,Fast and Friendly.

Just checkout the Following Links which will take you directly to Magento Extension

Review it and share it and let us know your valuable feedback happy to help you

More Innovative Things are coming soon!!

Adieu to Magento Go and Prostores

Today Surprise New Came from E commerce Gaint Ebay Owned Magento that they are shutting down the Magento Go and Prostores Services. It has been announced that Magento Go will shut down on February 1st, 2015


The decision to discontinue Magento Go and ProStores is part of a realignment, says Peasley. Magento is focusing on its core products—Enterprise and Community—and on mid-sized and larger merchants. The company is also working on developing and releasing the next generation of its platform, which the media and industry has dubbed Magento 2.

While the open letter refers to resources that are available to merchants to help them transition to another e-commerce solution, there is no mention that Magento has inked a deal with BigCommerce to absorb or migrate existing Magento Go customers. The deal was mentioned in a re/code article, but no confirmation of the deal has been made public by either Magento or BigCommerce.