Magento 2 will Release at the End of this Year

By | July 28, 2012
Magento have announced the Magento 2 project  which will be realsing at the end of this year.
Magento 2 is the result of the Magento team’s learning curve in the world of ecommerce application development since its inception back in 2001.

Magento 2. Much in the way of improved functionality and performance has been promised. Some of the new features set to be included are:

  1. Clearer processes and transparency
  2. Improved product quality
  3. Improved performance and scalability
  4. Improved product security
  5. Truly Modular Product
  6. Enhanced Modular architecture
  7. Improved coverage of Web (APIs SOAP ,XML,JSON,REST)
  8. Support of Multiple RDBMS (MySQL,ORACLE,MSSQL,PostgreSQL)
  9. Simplified customization processes
  10. Adding New functionality
  11. Extend or Replace or Disable functionality
  12. Improve Multi-language support(Data Entry for Each language)
  13. Improve education and product documentation
  14. GUI Design Editor
  15. Safe Upgrade between version
  16. Improvement in Module Structure
  17. Module Coupling ,Themes ,Routing and many more….
  18. Automated Testing 
  19. Continuous Integration
  20. Change in File System Structure 
  21. Change in the Configuration (Class path declaration ,Table name Declaration)
  22. Auto Load and MAny more
Standard Code files can been seen here  and some Reference site 

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