Magento Fedex setting in New verison

By | October 20, 2013

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Magento Verison are getting upgrade now so security level also getting upgrade based on the version setting are also getting change in admin panel

Fedex Setting had been change as magento version are upgrading

Step 1. Go to: Fedex Developer Resource Center and create developer’s account.Once you create the  developer’s account go to Develop & Test Your Application ,you will see the link Develop & Test Your Application (about testing, obtain developer test key) click on it.

Then you only have to send request for test environment, you can see the link “Obtain Developer Test Key” click on it and fill the form. After sending form with data, you will receive email message from FedEx with all required data for testing FedEx shipping method.
In this email message you will get:

Test Account Number:xxxxxxxxx ,Key,Meter Number and Password (for FedEx Web Services for Shipping only) and

you have to insert this number in field Account ID in FedEx config section. Set the Sandbox mode to Yes.

When you’re almost ready to launch:
After you’ve successfully tested your application and are ready to go into production, go to Technical Resources and click on FedEx Web Services for Shipping and Move to production. Then at the bottom of the page click obtain production key.

plz check the attach image hope this will help you

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