Magento on PHP 5.4 Version

Update your PHP version as Magento now with New PHP version 5.4 with all features which help developer to make there client more happy by using several advantages of PHP 5.4 and give better Performance to there websites.Thanks to Magento Community and Magento TEAM.

Magento Coding Issues Solution

From earlier post we have discuss about the commmon coding for that we have the solution for every parameters 1)Loops Expensive operations, such as SQL queries and redundant computations within loops, are a common mistake which will affect the perfomrance. For Example for ($i = 0; $i < count($rows); $i++) { //some code }… Read More »

Magento Commmon Coding issues

Today Magento is getting more and more inspire in E-commerce.But still Performance of the website and the code which developer are writing have huge impact on site.We as a Developer are making some common mistake which impact the performance of Magento webiste which are we are building. Most of the issues are related to inefficient… Read More »

Magento Get Shipping Address Outside Magento

Magento one of the most powerful tool in E-commerce which allow us to access the core Functionlity outside the Root directory also where magento been installed. We have try to get the shipping address of customer whose order are under processing ,outside the Magento in .doc Format Create a file in root where magento install… Read More »

Magento Not found Meta Robots

Upgrading from magento from Old version to new verison will allow us to give error “Source model “metarobots/product_attribute_source_unit” not found for attribute “meta_robots” This because new version doen’t allow metarobots because yoast extension in order to solve this we need to Delete the attribute DELETE FROM `eav_attribute` WHERE `eav_attribute`.`attribute_code` = ‘meta_robots’; DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE… Read More »

Magento Dashborad Issues

One of the headache in Magento is cache management so every time we need to refresh .Same issue will occur when you don’t see sales graph ,besetseller,Most viewed Items on Dashboard .Same with Reports module .So in Order to Fix we need to Refresh the Statistics which is the life Time statistics .Just Clear that… Read More »

Magento Dhtmlx Calendar

DhtmlxCalendar is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript calendar which can be configured as a popup date picker or a flat calendar. The component is easy-to-use and fully customizable. It can be attached to any text input field and provides fast and intuitive date selection in web-based apps. we can implement the Dhtmlx calendar with Magento as… Read More »

Magento Fedex setting in New verison

    Magento Verison are getting upgrade now so security level also getting upgrade based on the version setting are also getting change in admin panel Fedex Setting had been change as magento version are upgrading Step 1. Go to: Fedex Developer Resource Center and create developer’s account.Once you create the  developer’s account go to… Read More »

Magento Log Cleaning

If certain precaution are not taken on time then magento Database could go extremely large.AS most of the low performance of the website is the Data which is not of used but stored in Database……Clearing these out not only saves disk space but can lead to some dramatic speed improvements as well.As Magento has several… Read More »

Magento adding Super Attribute to configurable products

In previous post mentioned how we can remove the attributes from configurable products..But now the case is reverse if we want to add super attribute in Already existing Products there also we need to create the RAW query…we are trying to make the module Create attribute     Drag it to appropriate attribute set    … Read More »

Magento compilation shows blank page

Magento Admin compilation mode shows blank page becausesome of the module is not working so below step help you to bring the Compilation mode page Open a command prompt to the root of your store, and type $ cd shell $ php -f compiler.php help state         Show Compilation State compile       Run Compilation Process clear         Disable… Read More »

Magento Addding the Image Attribute

Adding the Attribute for Product is quite easy but Adding an Attribute for Categroy  is not easy but also not hard ,Just need to follow the magento Structure instead of Running the Query from PHPmyadmin We can added either text field or an another image Attribute just open header.phtml Or any of the Phtml File and just add the… Read More »

Magento Customize Toolbar for list page

Some times we need to show the toolbar as per our need ,But magento had show same tool bar at the bottom and top of listing page so in order to change the toolbar we can customize is such a way that top toolbar will be different and bottom toolbar will be different 1) First… Read More »

Magento models, resource models, and collections

Every Module of Magento Uses Model,Resource Models and Collections.But some time we get confused between this so let’s understand in simple way    A “model” is used to store data, and perhaps performs some business logics against that we create model in every Module to Write some Business Logic A “resource model” is used to interact… Read More »

Magento Stages in life Cycle of Block

Blocks are the main part of the Magento so it has own life cycle .so how it works 1) Blocks are declared in layout XML or instantiated using PHP code2) After instantiation the _construct() and _prepareLayout() methods are called3) The controller’s renderLayout() method calls toHtml(); all children are rendered4) _beforeToHtml(), _toHtml() and _afterToHtml Hope this… Read More »

Enable rewrite module in XAMPP, WAMP and Apache

Sometimes we face problem in XAMPP and WAMP that rewrite module (mod_rewrite) does not work properly It is because the rewrite module is not enabled by default in Apache’s configuration settings.But you can enable it manually by doing few simple steps: The configuration file generally locates at:{apache_dir}/conf/httpd.conf   If you are using XAMPP or WAMP package… Read More »

Magento Remove Proceed Button in Cart Page

As Cart has two Proceed checkout button at the top and Bottom but Sometimes we require to remove the Proceed checkout button in cart There are 2 ways to do this . 1) Remove using layout XML.  Add this to a layout xml file <checkout_cart_index> <remove name=”checkout.cart.top_methods” /> </checkout_cart_index> 2) Just hide it using CSS. … Read More »

Magento Corssell and Upsells

Some time we get confused what is Crossell and Upsell. So let’s understand the meaning and concept of the These two which are very important An upsell is to get the customer to spend more money – buy a more expensive model of the same type of product, or add features / warranties that relate to the… Read More »

Magento Showing Memory Usage at the Bottom Of Footer

The purpose of the profiler is for aiding in diagnosing slow page load times.This should never be left enabled on a deployed website.But sometime we forgot to disable There are actually two aspects of disabling it: 1. Turning off profiling under System (menu) -> Configuration (menu item) -> Developer (tab on left) -> Debug (accordion section)2.… Read More »

Magento Tool Kit for Developer

One of the most Useful Extension for the Developer point of view. Many professional developers all over the world use this extension to find possible performance bottlenecks.Every point of view we can handle or Easy To get All information Module,Contollers,Databse Query,Events,Block,PHTML files ,path and many more Just check out this link and Download for Free… Read More »

Magento Get Categories

Magento get All Category on Pages.Easy way to access the active ,visible,certain level f category from the Collection..Follwing are the methods which we can use to get Category Get all categories $categories = Mage::getModel(‘catalog/category’)                     ->getCollection()                     ->addAttributeToSelect(‘*’);… Read More »

Magento Create Own Log files

Magento comes with a built-in logging facility which can be enabled and configured in the back-end under System > Configuration > Developer. Alternatively you can enable the Developer Mode for the site to enable the log (on how to do this have a look at the index.php file). The exception log is always on. Magento… Read More »