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Magento Easy Tabs

Now adding the tabs in your theme became easy The new Magento easy tabs will help you to add the tabs directly through admin Download Extension key from here.Note:It will override your catalog related files for example view.phtml file will be overwritten by the easy tabs catalogproductview.phtml so,make sure that you take the backup and… Read More »

Magento New Facebook theme

Magento Facebook App is a marvelous extension which allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. This extension enables your customer to shop from your product catalogue that is available on your magento store through your Facebook profileou Hope this will help you

Speed up the Magento

One of the most important key factor in website is the speed performance.Some people think that with magento speed get slow Here are some useful tips to speed up the magento and make it run fastEnable Caching Caching is enabled by default. So just don’t turn it off, unless really necessary, i.e. for development purposes.… Read More »

Magento MVC Example

MVC(Model view Controller)Model(M):As the name refer Model which will store the businees logic i.e database connection or connection to datasources.Magento uses the model folder for every module whether it is in core,local,communityView(C):The view refer to presentaion logic i.e templating and caching  which will display to the end user.Magento having .phtml and with help of Xml… Read More »

Magento upgrade through Magento connect

Following are the steps for upgrading from Magento to this latest version of magento (Via Connect Manager): Open Magento Connect Manager by navigating to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. After that fill your username and password used to access the admin panel. Click check for upgrades in Magento Connect Manager As… Read More »

Magento Certification

Good Opportunity for the developer. Magento Launches the Certification Course.Now getting certification is much easier for the developer.Just register yourself and get certified.Register Now – Space is Limited Sign up today to take the Magento Certified Developer exam. If any queries related to the Certification you can just email to training@magento.com